Anti-Stress and Neurological Support - Zoë B-Co

ZOËB-CO 90 Vegi Capsules (500mg)


A natural aid to improve energy levels, reducing the effects of stress on the body whilst maintaining healthy blood cells, improving circulation, supporting healthy cell membranes and skin. 


ZoëB-Co contains a full spectrum of B Vitamins, co-factors and added Schisandra.This combination contributes to healthy nerve, heart, liver and blood health, reducing inflammation, maintaining a healthy digestive system, supporting the endocrine system and improving metabolism. of carbohydrates and fat. 

Use with Micro-Sweep and Mineral-Wise to support skin conditions.


Combine with NEUREST to improve memory, use during PMS, high stress times, depression and for indicated for those displaying stress-eating patterns and addictive tendencies. 


Most needed to counteract high homocysteine levels in those with cardiovascular problems.

Daily neurological and liver support for the busy executive.

Anti-Stress and Neurological Support - Zoë B-Co



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