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Anti-Oxidant and Immune Support - Vitamin C Powder

VITAMIN C Powder (128 grams in container)


A natural health product against flu, colds and phlegm type of infections. Cholesterol modulating, cardiovascular and blood circulation support.

Viatmin C is a powerful antioxidant, crucial for cellular repair, regeneration of tissue and maintenance of healthy cells. It aids absorption of iron whilst reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol. Vitamin C helps prevent hardening of the arteries and artherosclerosis. Rutin and Hesperidin complement and enhance the action of Vitamin C, strengthening the capillaries and arteries, reducing atherosclerosis and reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.


Vitamin C with NEUREST supports healthy adrenal hormone production, reducing chronic tiredness. This combination supports detoxification of the full body, being particulary supportive of liver and large intestine detoxification patrhways.


This product is calcium buffered and thus does not cause acidity, but helps to restore a healthy pH.

Anti-Oxidant and Immune Support - Vitamin C Powder

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