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Anti-Inflammatory and Neurological Support - Omega Wise

OMEGA-WISE 80 Softgels (PCB and Mercury free)


An all natutral Omega 3 oil supplement high in EPA and DHA unsaturated fats (essential fatty acids) used to reduce inflammation, support heart and brain health and useful in ADHD, particularly in children.

Omega oils are essential to maintain healthy cellular functioning. As the body can't produce Omega oils, your diet has to provide sufficient amounts of Omega oils by eating a big variety of good quality raw nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, deep sea fish etc. If you do not eat sufficient qunatities of these foods, it is best to supplement taking a good quality Omega supplement daily.


Combine Omega-Wise and MSM as daily joint support and to reduce pain syndromes.


Neurest in conjunction with Omega-Wise supports healthy brain function particularly indicated in ADHD, PMS, depression and anxiety related conditions. 


Omega-Wise used with Micro-Sweep and L-Glutamine reduce cellular inflammation and support cellular repair of mucous memebranes, particularly helpful in skin conditions such as eczema.

Anti-Inflammatory and Neurological Support - Omega Wise

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