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Balanced Hypoallergenic Protein Supplement - Nutrivive Shake Rice

NUTRIVIVE SHAKE RICE Powder (500 grams)


Nutrivive Hypoallergenic Specialty Rice Protein Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral supplement contains added Carnitine and Glutamine to support energy production, enhancing exercise performance whilst not only maintaining muscle but supporting cellular repair and muscle building, optimizing brain and neurological functioning, strengthening the immune system and repairing and preventing leaky gut - giving your body the mental and physical energy, vitality and stamina to repair, perform and live life.


Indicated for daily use during convalescence, sports endurance training and events, for elderly patients, critically ill patients, children and people with a busy lifestyle wanting to take a hypoallergenic balanced multivtamin, multimineral protein supplement as a meal replacement. 


NutriVive Rice Protein shake is gluten, wheat and lactose FREE.



Balanced Hypoallergenic Protein Supplement - Nutrivive Shake Rice

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