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Essential Mineral Support - Mineral Wise

MINERAL-WISE 60 Vegi Capsules (500mg)


Mineral-Wise comprises of natural minerals, cofactors and co-enzymes enhancing the absorption of these key minerals in order to facilitate strong, healthy bones, optimizing muscle and nerve functioning whilst having a balancing effect on the endocrine system.


Essential mineral combination for sports enthusiasts, can be used prior to, during and after events. Indicated for athletes, children, teenagers, executives and elderly patients.


Reduces cramps, enhances endurance and reduces recovery time after sport events. Supports healthy blood glucose levels.


Essential minerals in Mineral-Wise are particularly helpful to improve bone mineralization, balancing the endocrine system, maintaining healthy muscle structure, anti-aging properties.

Use Mineral-Wise with Micro-Sweep during Detox program.

Use with Olive Immune during intense training programs to support the immune system.


Essential Mineral Support - Mineral Wise

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