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Detox Support and Parasite Cleanse - Micro Sweep

MICRO-SWEEP 90 Vegi Capsules (430mg)


A natural herbal combination of ingredients used in particular to combat candidiasis (yeast and fungal infections), parasites (including malaria, helminth (worm) and nematode infestation)  and chronic infections as it acts as an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory(especially the colon).


People suffering from chronic nasal, bronchial and upper respiratory tract infections see a reduction in symptoms by eliminating parasitic and inflammatory causing organisms. 


Micro Sweep used in conjunction with a Probiotic such as Intestiflora can be used as a gentle, safe yet effective detoxification protocol. This not only supports the immune system, but also supports a healthy gut environment, minimizing leaking gut and allergy related conditions and symptoms.

Detox Support and Parasite Cleanse - Micro Sweep

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