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Gastrointestinal Support and Muscle Restorative - Glutamine Powder

GLUTAMINE Powder (60 grams)


Contains L-glutamine amino acid in a powder form for maximum absorption.

L- Glutamine is an amino acid that is a building block of protein that is especially helpful in treating leaky gut as it is a vital nutrient that rebuilds and repairs the intestines, it is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain that helps with memory, focus and concentration, improves metabolism and detoxification including stabilizing blood sugar levels.


L-Glutamine is also well known in the fitness world as it promotes athletic performance, improves recovery from endurance exercise and supports healthy weight loss by burning fat whilst building muscle.


A lack of this opioid neurotransmitter can cause our bodies to crave certain substances. Recent scientific research has revealed that 80% of people craving addictive substances (such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar, drugs or nicotine) are born with a difficiency of this opioid neurotransmitter.

The combination of Neurest and L-Glutamine helps restore the opioid neurotransmitters and thus helps reduce substance abuse. 


L-Glutamine, Mineral-Wise and Nutrivive Protein drink can be used daily in order to support athletic performance, reduce recovery time after endurance exercise and prevent leaky gut and other inflammtory conditions generally associated with endurance training for events such as the Comrades, IRONMAN Triathlon, etc

Gastrointestinal Support and Muscle Restorative - Glutamine Powder

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